Trash Can Cleaning

Clean | Sanitized | Disinfected | Deodorized ~ Curbside service for your outdoor trash bins and waste containers.

Coastal Bin Cleaning is your trusted and local trash can cleaners in Orange County, CA. Environmentally friendly and essential to protect your health and home environment. Flexible plan options provide you the most effective and natural cleaning solution.


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$18 up to 2 bins
$24 for 3 bins
$30 for 4 bins

Customize your order, add $6 per additional bin.

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$24 up to 2 bins
$31 for 3 bins
$38 for 4 bins

Customize your order, add $7 per additional bin.

Onsite cleaning is fast, effective and eco-friendly using 360-rotating spray heads and high-pressure, 200-degree heated water.

Waste water is contained within the cleaning truck to properly dispose safely. No dumping in city drains to protect wildlife & the ocean.

Select a plan & sign up online. Scheduled reminders are sent for you to keep bins out after waste pick up, then we service your bins.

Essential to your home maintenance. Clean and sanitized trash bins are hand dried and misted with a long-lasting fresh scent.

Trash Cans Sanitized & Dry Inside & Outside

Home Maintenance & Cleaning Service
Our sanitary service is for garbage waste, recycling bins, plus yard and organic green carts to eliminate 99% of hazardous bacteria, germs, bad smells and pests attracted to your dirty bins. It is quick and efficient curbside service when used on a reoccurring basis, that will help maintain a level of hygiene you desire for your family, guests and housekeepers.

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