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Natural Solution for Trash Bin Cleaning in Orange County

Sanitized trash, recycling, and green waste bins – simple and safe solution to keep sparkling clean bins with a fresh scent.  Clean trash cans will be spotless and disinfected inside and out, because of our high temperature, pressure equipment.

Coastal Bin Cleaning offers an innovative service to keep your trash bins clean throughout your community in Southern California. Our dedicated team will help keep you and your loved ones healthy and protect our community with our convenient, efficient cleaning system. You simply pull out your trash on pickup day, and we will take care of the rest.

Excellent Results by High-Pressure & Heated System

Our technician and fully-equipped truck provide a specialized mobile service. Simply leave your trash bins out front and we only leave behind germ-free, sparkling clean trash cans.

High-pressure trash bin cleaning truck has specialized rotating spray heads to blast 1100psi and 200-degree hot water to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and take away the contaminated water.

All bins receive a full-detailed service. Your clean bins will be free of bacteria, sludge & horrible stink. Hand dry to remove excess water & finished off with a long lasting “coastal cool” fresh scent.

We use low volume water, which is collected in the truck for proper treatment.  Our green seal approved cleaning solution is used only when needed for tough build up, no harsh chemicals are used.

Coastal Bin Cleaning | Before & After

Outdoor Trash Can Cleaning Service

Most likely you have wondered about what to do about dirty trash cans, but did not know who to ask to get the job done. Your garbage, recycle and green, organic waste bins smell terrible! Local waste management is only interested in emptying the bins and leave behind dirty, unsanitary trash bins. Think about how often we are opening those lids and breathing in the smell.

The 'Do It Yourself' at home method is not as effective, requires excess water from a garden hose and your valuable time. Plus, the use of harsh chemicals to clean waste bins could cause harm to yourself and the environment by draining into the storm-water systems that flow into our beautiful creeks and oceans. Cleaning bins in your drive way is not safe for your health, wild life, or community and could be illegal dumping because of the contaminated water.

So now what, what are your options? Stop wondering how to clean your trash, recycle and green waste bins. Get it done the right way. The safe way. Select the service plan that fits your budget and needs. Schedule service today.

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